W E L C O M E – C H A N G E

Have you ever heard someone say “welcome” to change? I haven’t. In fact change is something that used to be my worst nightmare until I experienced it, and God faithfully altered my view of change. But that’s another story for another time. I find it ironic that autumn is my favorite season, while I used to […]

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Y O U Post – Reminder!

Three days ago my very first “Y O U” Post was published on In Pursuit! Thank you so very much to the readers who shared their ideas in response to the post!! You guys shared amazing ideas that I know will inspire other readers and myself! 🙂 For those of you who didn’t get a […]

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If you’ve ever had a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, you’ve had a little piece of heaven. I’m actually eating one right now, half of it is gone. I’m savoring every bite. (If you’ve never had a bundt cake from there go and get one.) I’m gluten free, which makes for only one bundt cake […]

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L E F T – H A N D E D

Here is one of my favorite posts from my previous blog… 🙂 I have run into a number of things in my lifetime. The microwave door, the counter top, doorways, the wall, supermarket carts, and especially the floor have all given me bumps and bruises. Some would call me clumsy (and I would agree), but […]

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As I write this a humming bird is trapped in our barn. It flies around at the very top perching on the rafters every once in a while. I guess “trapped” isn’t an accurate word to use, because the giant barn door (which is big enough for an RV to drive through) is wide open, […]

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