As I write this a humming bird is trapped in our barn. It flies around at the very top perching on the rafters every once in a while. I guess “trapped” isn’t an accurate word to use, because the giant barn door (which is big enough for an RV to drive through) is wide open, allowing the humming bird an obvious way out. However, the humming bird seems oblivious to this fact.

Have you ever felt trapped? Hopefully you’ve never been trapped in a barn. But have you ever felt trapped in sin?

You may not be able to see a way out, even though God’s giant RV barn door of forgiveness is wide open.

But here’s what has to happen in order for us to fully enjoy the forgiveness God offers us-

  1. We must open our eyes. The humming bird seems to be blind, because even though the door is wide open, it’s ignoring the only way out. We must open our eyes and realize how evil our sin is and how freeing Gods forgiveness is.
  2. We must humble ourselves. The humming bird is required to fly lower in order to go through the door, just as we must humble ourselves to ask forgiveness from God. We must admit we did wrong and confess.
  3. We must turn away from our sin. Once the humming bird flies out it would be stupid for it to fly back in again the next day. We need to escape our sin and remember not to fly back into the barn because it only traps us again.
  4. We must realize sin leads to death. If the humming bird never flies out of the barn, it will die. It won’t have food, so it will die. We may not die physically, but without a connection to the Bread of Life, we will suffer other deaths. Death of joy, and death of relationships.

The freedom that comes when we fly through God’s forgiveness is unimaginably joyous, but if we stay in sin, we will never experience it.

I pray this humming bird in our barn will fly out, because I know how much better life is for it outside. In the same way, if you know someone who is trapped in sin, pray for them, and don’t stop.

“Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool.” {Isaiah 1:18}


2 thoughts on “T R A P P E D

  1. Really beautiful analogy! I can readily call this ‘the Parable of the HummingBird’ 😀 The lessons are clear and precise. God bless you for sharing!
    PS: I already love the new blog! xx


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