If you’ve ever had a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, you’ve had a little piece of heaven. I’m actually eating one right now, half of it is gone. I’m savoring every bite. (If you’ve never had a bundt cake from there go and get one.) I’m gluten free, which makes for only one bundt cake option, but I don’t mind. Chocolate Chip Cookie with cream cheese icing is enough to satisfy my craving.

I apologize for making you hungry.

As I eat this, I’m thinking about how wonderful it would be to have a craving like this for Jesus. To desire His Word as much as I do this amazing bundt cake. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Here’s the problem. We can’t just wake up one morning and say: “Oh my goodness, I don’t think I can survive another second without digging into God’s Word and spending time with Him!” Although it is what we should say, we normally don’t. In fact, the first thing we think about when we wake up is ourselves. What am I gonna get to eat? What am I going to wear? What does my day look like? I hope my Mom didn’t finish off that bundt cake I hid in the fridge… 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start the day with different thoughts? I wonder how God is going to work in my life today. I wonder what opportunities He is going to give me to bless someone. How can I serve my family today? Who can I encourage today? 

But habits don’t form overnight. If we want to crave Jesus, we must make our time with Him #1 until a habit forms. But how do we “Kick off the Craving” ?

Congrats, you’ve just read my very first “Y O U” Post! You are probably very confused so I’ll explain. I purposely ended this post with a question because I want YOU to comment with your answers/ideas/observations. In a few days I’ll post again including ways YOU and other readers suggested about how to “Kick off the Craving”. Sound Good? Start typing! 🙂

YOU Post Question #1:

What are some ways you can physically, practically turn “Craving Jesus” into a habit? (For instance: Sticking sticky notes by your bed with “How can I serve others today?” and “Who can I pray for today?” by your bed where you will immediately see them when you wake up.)

Scroll Down, Comment, and Share Your Ideas!


10 thoughts on “C R A V I N G

  1. Hi! I like having a reminder to read my bible because it helps me to remember to read it! I also love a bible study because it keeps me on track and it helps me learn better! I can’t wait for more post! Love this blog!❤️


  2. I like starting my day off by reading a devotional or ending my day with writing in my notebook or planner about all I am blessed with. I also try to take time out of my day to sit down and journal in my bible, to which I absolutely adore doing. I love these new Y O U posts, Grace, I’m super excited to see what’s to come! 🙂

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  3. It might sound a little bit boring, but structure is enormously helpful. I especially like Bible study plans like SOAP, which force me to ask deeper questions and search out the answers, and I use Bible apps which have reading plans and daily pop-up reminders. Eventually, the verse-based study combined with the regularity of the reading plan spurs a desire to return daily to God’s Word.

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  4. Since I love arts and photography, I try to include them in my journaling/ devotion. I be come excited to read the word and scribble, draw, or take picture related to what I’ve read. It helps me get excited and crave more for Jesus.

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