G O D ‘S – R O Y A L – P R I N C E S S (Reblogged:)

For all you ladies out there...here is a beautiful blog post from my sweet friend...enjoy 🙂 As a little girl, there was never a time I didn’t dream of being a princess. I was the girly girl in the family. The classic Disney princess movies, sparkly dresses glimmering with sequins, the tiara with those little … Continue reading G O D ‘S – R O Y A L – P R I N C E S S (Reblogged:)


S H O W – I T

Here's a post that I published a while ago on another blog...School is stealing all my time so I though I'd share it with you. 😉 Life isn’t easy. Struggles come. Families break apart. Lives are lost. Heartbreak lingers. Depression lurks. Laziness takes over. Words can’t describe our feelings when life takes a turn for … Continue reading S H O W – I T