waiting for chocolate…


It is something that every girl waits for. Even if they hate chocolate.

We are waiting for an affectionate gift from a guy. Flowers, a giant stuffed bear, candy, chocolate. Especially in February.

We want to be given attention, to be thought of, to be noticed.

God created us like this. Readers of romance novels, watchers of romantic comedies, dreamers of all things romance. We are created to love and be loved.

And yet, we seek all this affection and attention and love from guys who cannot ultimately satisfy us. As much as we may want that small box of chocolates from someone, it won’t satisfy.

So we are stuck. Stuck in the pursuit of someone that can never perfectly fulfill our desires.

We want to be loved exclusively, intimately and perfectly.

But guys cannot love us that way. It is simply impossible for them. Not because they are “guys”, but because human beings do not have that ability.

Only one person does.

Someone who has been in pursuit of you since the day you were born. Someone who already loves you exclusively, intimately, and perfectly. Someone who has blessed you with gifts throughout your entire life. Yes, this Someone has even given you chocolates. Girl, He created the cocoa bean!

As you have probably already guessed, God is this amazing Someone.

Waiting for chocolates is not wrong. However, it can become wrong if it takes the place of your First Love.

God created the breath-taking sunsets, the brilliant wild-flowers, the roaring oceans, the entire universe to show you His everlasting love. Jesus, God’s only Son, demonstrated His everlasting love by sacrificing His life for you.

Sister, He loves you so much. Even more than chocolate. (And that’s a lot.)

“I have loved you with an everlasting lovetherefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.” -Jeremiah 31:3


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