c h o s e n

In honor of Good Friday & Easter, I’ve been reflecting a lot on Jesus’ mental battle in Gethsemane. And I uncovered a treasure that made me think a little harder.

Jesus was deeply engaged in a mental battle. He prayed to his Father, asking if there was any other possible way for us to be saved. This situation produced the maximum amount of stress possible, causing Jesus’ to sweat blood. His desire to obey his Father and his strong desire to save us fought with his human instincts of wanting to avoid the pain and tremendous torture that lay ahead.

He had a choice. He could have given up right there on his knees in the garden. He could have concluded that it was too hard. He could have ignored our sinful hearts and simply let us live in eternal death. He could have…but he didn’t.

Jesus chose you.

As he prayed, he pictured your face, your sin, and he decided to change it. He surrendered to his Father, surrendered to excruciating torture. Jesus chose the crown of thorns for you. Jesus chose the beatings for you. Jesus chose the curses and spit for you. Jesus chose the cross for you.

He chose it. He had a choice to walk away. But he didn’t. He chose the torture and death, because He of His love for you.

Jesus thinks you are to die for. That is how much you are worth. Jesus did not want heaven without you. So He chose the cross. He chose you.



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