#Dwell – What I Learned From Camp [2]

Here’s the 2nd post of #Dwell – What I Learned From Camp. You can read the first one here.

Our Worship Is A Dog’s Kiss

For those of you who own dogs, you know just how excited your dog gets when you return home. They jump and bark and lick and wiggle with excitement.

The Greek word proskuneo describes the dogs reaction.

pros- means: to or towards

-kuneo means: dog

proskuneo is literally means “a dog’s kiss”. 

The funny thing is, this word is the Greek word used in the Bible for “worship”.

As God’s children we should be showing him the same joy and excitement in worship that a dog shows to their master upon his arrival.

Give God Margin

The negative space (the space without words on pages) is rest for your brain. If you opened a book that had no negative space you would be stressed out. This is why children’s books have only a few sentences on each page. The pictures and negative space give their still-developing brains peace.

We can give God margin by giving him space in our busy, complicated lives. The page is our lives and the words are our activities, thoughts, choices, commitments, schedules. If our words go all the way across every page, leaving no margin at all, there will be no space for God to use. But God doesn’t want margin because he’s selfish. He wants margin because having margin gives us much-needed peace and rest in Him.

The Mascot of the Human Race

The human race has a God-given mascot. A sheep. It’s crazy how much we are like sheep.

  • Sheep follow each other everywhere. (Even right off a cliff — no joke it has actually happened.)
  • They are scared of everything. (A sheep will scratch its ear and it will scare the sheep around it.)
  • They can’t clean themselves or shed their wool. (They have to have the shepherd care for them.)
  • The number one thing sheep need is a shepherd. (They adore and obey their shepherd.)
  • We are inclined follow the crowd and do whatever is cool. (Which may lead right towards the edge of a cliff.)
  • We can get scared and insecure. (What other people do hurts and intimidates us.)
  • We can’t cleanse ourselves from sin. (The Shepherd has to do that for us.)
  • The number one thing we need is a Shepherd. (We should adore and obey our Shepherd.)

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