More Than Empty Words

A few Sunday’s ago I was volunteering in our kids ministry. The craft that day was a paper chain. All of the kids wrote prayers on the paper strips and waited patiently as I stapled them together. After one of the third grade girls helped me hang up the chain of prayers, she stepped back, […]

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Dear Younger Blogging Self:

Inspired by AbbyFranklin at 360* Writing 🙂 By the way, In Pursuit has a brand new design, check it out here! If I could go back and start blogging all over again, here’s the advice I would give myself. Dear younger blogging self: 1. Do it all for your #1 Fan. Stats don’t matter. Only God’s […]

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d i s t a n c e

I won’t deny that I have felt distant from God. I knew He was with me, but I did not feel the Holy Spirit in my life. It was an awful feeling, perhaps compared to the feeling that comes when you are sleepwalking. And I admit that I was. Sleepwalking, that is. Not physically, but […]

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L E F T – H A N D E D

Here is one of my favorite posts from my previous blog… 🙂 I have run into a number of things in my lifetime. The microwave door, the counter top, doorways, the wall, supermarket carts, and especially the floor have all given me bumps and bruises. Some would call me clumsy (and I would agree), but […]

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