the finish line

It's the final countdown. The home stretch. Summer is almost here. I am so thankful. Thankful that the school year is gone, but also thankful that it came in the first place. I learned a lot this year. I got through algebra with an A (that's a first), thanks to my math teacher. I learned … Continue reading the finish line

m i r r o r.

I want my life to be a mirror. Mirror : a reflective surface that reflects a clear image. I don't want my life to be ordinary. I don't want my life to be all about me. Ā I want my life to be a mirror. I want my life to reflect Jesus' everlasting goodness. His beautiful … Continue reading m i r r o r.

S H O W – I T

Here's a post that I published a while ago on another blog...School is stealing all my time so I though I'd share it with you. šŸ˜‰ Life isnā€™t easy. Struggles come. Families break apart. Lives are lost. Heartbreak lingers. Depression lurks. Laziness takes over. Words canā€™t describe our feelings when life takes a turn for … Continue reading S H O W – I T

G O D – O F – E V E R Y – M O M E N T

Here's another one of my former posts that I'm transferring onto In Pursuit... šŸ™‚ Many times Iā€™ve been told not to run on the tile floor after it had been moped.Ā ButĀ this time I honestlyĀ  had no ideaĀ that the floor hadĀ just been moped. Dun dun duunnnn. Afraid that my seldom-bought gluten freeĀ chicken nuggets would burn in … Continue reading G O D – O F – E V E R Y – M O M E N T