d i s t a n c e

I won't deny that I have felt distant from God. I knew He was with me, but I did not feel the Holy Spirit in my life. It was an awful feeling, perhaps compared to the feeling that comes when you are sleepwalking. And I admit that I was. Sleepwalking, that is. Not physically, but … Continue reading d i s t a n c e


G O D – O F – E V E R Y – M O M E N T

Here's another one of my former posts that I'm transferring onto In Pursuit... šŸ™‚ Many times Iā€™ve been told not to run on the tile floor after it had been moped.Ā ButĀ this time I honestlyĀ  had no ideaĀ that the floor hadĀ just been moped. Dun dun duunnnn. Afraid that my seldom-bought gluten freeĀ chicken nuggets would burn in … Continue reading G O D – O F – E V E R Y – M O M E N T