More Than Empty Words

A few Sunday’s ago I was volunteering in our kids ministry. The craft that day was a paper chain. All of the kids wrote prayers on the paper strips and waited patiently as I stapled them together. After one of the third grade girls helped me hang up the chain of prayers, she stepped back, […]

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d i s t a n c e

I won’t deny that I have felt distant from God. I knew He was with me, but I did not feel the Holy Spirit in my life. It was an awful feeling, perhaps compared to the feeling that comes when you are sleepwalking. And I admit that I was. Sleepwalking, that is. Not physically, but […]

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F I N D I N G – Q U I E T

School is up and running. Activities and commitments urging you forward, faster, farther. Noise and confusion swirling. New opportunities, new lessons, new commitments. You know God is there, but it is hard to see Him. You know He’s listening but it is hard to find time to talk to Him. You know He’s speaking, but it […]

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W E L C O M E – C H A N G E

Have you ever heard someone say “welcome” to change? I haven’t. In fact change is something that used to be my worst nightmare until I experienced it, and God faithfully altered my view of change. But that’s another story for another time. I find it ironic that autumn is my favorite season, while I used to […]

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