the finish line

It’s the final countdown. The home stretch. Summer is almost here. I am so thankful. Thankful that the school year is gone, but also thankful that it came in the first place. I learned a lot this year. I got through algebra with an A (that’s a first), thanks to my math teacher. I learned […]

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the future…

As a high school sophomore, I get asked one particular question quite often. It’s a question that I usually answer with not much more than a frustrated sigh. And for those of you who are also in high school, you probably feel the same. So, what’s this question, you ask? “What do you want to […]

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T H R O U G H – H I S – E Y E S

Recently, I discovered Britt Nicole’s new song “Through His Eyes”. Not only does the beat make you push the repeat button, but the lyrics are beautifully honest. Here’s a sneak peek: Get it together, That’s what I say me , I put on the pressure You could do better, Be who your supposed to be But that’s when […]

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F I N D I N G – Q U I E T

School is up and running. Activities and commitments urging you forward, faster, farther. Noise and confusion swirling. New opportunities, new lessons, new commitments. You know God is there, but it is hard to see Him. You know He’s listening but it is hard to find time to talk to Him. You know He’s speaking, but it […]

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