#Dwell – What I Learned From Camp [1]

Dwell Camp was a blast these last three days. Here are some things I learned that I’d love to share with you.

The Foundation of Relationship

Real relationships change your mind and then your actions.

If a relationship is based on actions then it is fake.

Not only is this applicable to dating/marriage relationships, but also to our relationship with God. We have to make a decision to surrender our lives to God before we can be in a true relationship with Him. If we’re just reading the Bible and going to church without our mind being changed then it’s not a relationship. It’s just religion.

What Repent Means

The Greek word for REPENT is metanoeo.

Metan- means change.

-noeo means relating to or understanding.

Therefore, repent means “change how you relate”.

Repenting is not just turning away from sin and going the opposite way. It’s changing the way you relate to God and others.

Your Life Is Like A Concert

Picture your life as a concert. You’ve got the lame, dirt-cheap, can’t-even-see-the-stage-from-here seats. Then you’ve got the super-expensive,VIP, close to the stage, awesome view, face-to-face-with-the-artists seats.

God paid the ultimate price (His life) for the front row seats. He’s sitting in the front row of your life cheering you on with pom pom’s, banners, and glitter. He’s screaming things like: “You can do it!” “I believe in you!” “I’m right here when you need me!” “I will never ever leave you!” “You are AMAZING because you are made in my image!” “I love you so much!”

But there is a voice way, way, way back in the cheap seats that we tend to hear and believe more than God’s voice. The devil paid nothing for his seat. He’s yelling (although you can hardly hear him since he’s so far away) things like: “You stink!” “No one likes you!” “You’re going to fail!” “You are a disappointment!” “You are ugly!”

We need to stop listening to the voice that paid nothing to tell you lies, and listen to the Voice that paid everything to tell you truth. 


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